Sedona and the Southwest, Washington DC, England, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Egypt, Greece and more…

sacred site tours GreeceThe Sacred Sites Tours, led by Michael Mirdad and sponsored by Grail Productions, are much like the initiatory quests of the ancients. The attendees are taught how to experience the tours as metaphors or tests for attaining new levels of spiritual consciousness.

These journeys are nothing like tourist trips. Instead, they are for students of spirituality who long to learn about the history and mysteries held within these ancient sites. These Sacred Sites tours sometimes include England, Egypt, Greece, Scotland, Brazil, Central Mexico, Ireland, and even sites within North America. During these tours, we often gain private access to sites rarely experienced and the attendees receive several hours of private teachings from Michael Mirdad.

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Our Last Tour Included:

Sacred Sites of Greece, Egypt & Italy

Cairo, Egypt: Great Pyramid, Luxor, Abydos, Valley of the Kings, Dendara, Karnac, Saqqara, The Sphinx

Athens, Greece: Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Patmos

Italy: Assisa, Rome, Florence

The tour fee is approximately $5,000, which includes:

  • Airfare from Major port (East coast)
  • Several meals
  • Shared lodging and hotel tax
  • Site seeing and guided tours
  • All teachings with Michael Mirdad
  • Group healing
  • Admission to some of the world’s most amazing sacred sites

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Lots of Praise for the Sacred Sites Tours:

Enchanting Experience

Thank you so much for the incredible journey we all took to Europe-Scotland and England. It was an enchanting experience-much like what I imagine it was like for initiates in Arthurian times. Our group witnessed miracle after miracle, ranging from embodied angels coming out of nowhere to assist us to the manifestation of crop circles in exactly the town we were passing through. I don’t think that just any group can manifest such a miraculous journey and I am grateful that I was part of the Grail Productions experience.


Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience on this trip. Several questions I’ve had for many years were answered for me. My highlight of Italy was the Vatican. In Greece I especially enjoyed Delphi. My experience in Egypt felt like coming home, and the highlight for me was the pyramids. Regardless of the challenges I faced while preparing and during the tour, the end result made everything worth it. I have a greater awareness of who I am and a clarity of past world events that previously confused me. I want to sincerely thank Michael for hosting the tour, Angela for her hard work in organizing, and the rest of the staff at Grail Productions involved. This trip was absolutely amazing, words cannot adequately describe. Michael’s teachings at the sites were also extremely insightful and eye opening.


Life Transforming

Our Sacred Sites tour to Italy, Greece and Egypt can be summed up as follows: Magnificent; Life-transforming; Enlightening and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Michael Mirdad once again led a group of initiates into the realms of life one rarely gets to visit, see, or experience, all wrapped up in visits to incredibly beautiful sacred sites. I witnessed miracles, healings, visions, past lives, clearing, and refilling of all of my chakras, new friends, tons of laughter, as well as food for my body and soul (and let’s not forget romance—I’ll get to that in a minute). My favorite places were Delphi in Greece, the Temple Hathor in Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and Florence in general where for me the beauty of God’s love for us is manifested in the most magnificent artworks on the planet. It’s a city of magic, beauty, and mystery. Michelangelo’s “David”, being a very special piece for me, was made even more so because of the company of such precious friends. I even stood there with my eye’s closed and imagined the man of my dreams holding me in his arms, telling me he loved me, and proposing to me.  What an amazing affect such art can have on our hearts. Anyway, another one of the most amazing moments for me, however, was when (after dinner) half of our group went for a walk down the street to see the Acropolis as it was lit up in the distance and to listen to one of the street musicians. Then, out of the blue, Michael started us all into an amazing, intimate dance. We moved from partner to partner until all the guys had shared a dance with all the gals—timed amazingly to end right when the music ended. All of this with the Parthenon lit in the background was like being in a movie. We all enjoyed our little waltz with laughter and smiles (and a tear in my eye). I also witnessed the actual manifestation of some of Michael’s channeling’s he did several months prior to our trip wherein he foretold of events that would occur. When I saw them actually playing out in front of my eyes I was stunned. My prayers are that each of us finds the same Christ light that Michael embodies so well. I will never forget this trip and the experiences I had. We were able to enjoy a safe, loving, fun experience despite the fears of outsiders. The work we did at these sites will greatly impact the collective and for that I am grateful.


Beyond Belief

It had always been my dream to visit exotic lands such as Egypt. But when I had the opportunity to combine my spiritual interests with the journey of my dreams, I jumped at the chance and still smile when I reflect on it-even now, several years later. Imagine being in Egypt with a teacher who knows the secret history and has the means to get you private access to the Great Pyramid of Egypt and other sacred sites. Oh my God! It was incredible beyond belief! I recommend it to everyone on their spiritual journey.


Most Cherished

My sacred sites trip with Michael Mirdad was one of my most cherished memories ever. I’ve been to Nepal, India, and Turkey, as well as Peru and yet NONE of these compared to my trip with Michael to Greece and Yugoslavia (where we met the visionaries who were speaking to Mother Mary). We were there for just a few days but it seems like years of experience. I remember one of the visionary children singled out Michael Mirdad and took him to her home where she spoke with him for a couple of hours, while we all waited for hours at the church in great anticipation to hear what they spoke about. I also took pictures at the Church where Mother Mary appeared and when they were developed there were amazing lights of Spirit floating in the air. I’ve never felt closer to God.


Life Changing Journey

Thank you for such an amazing life changing journey….it was a blend of what I love the most….humor and life lessons and choices and profound experiences and revealing and touched me to my core….I am still vibrating from the event. Everyone on your end was wonderful and I know it was a ton of work for you and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I moved towards the people in the group that I was attracted to and away from those that repel. But to be able to say that there were 18 out of 20 people I liked is incredible…I appreciated the extra security/protection in Egypt…they were a manifestation of the protection and guidance I meditate about every day…but the saying goes “Trust in Allah but tie your camel.” Again, thank you…my journey was so personal and so synchronistic—lots of the puzzle pieces have come together for me. Appreciate all of you…sending love and light…Michael is a great teacher and from my heart “thank you.”



Although I have participated in sacred sites tours with all the leading spiritual tour companies, I have NEVER experienced a tour that was so balanced and complete as that with Michael Mirdad and Grail Productions. I’ve also never experienced a tour that was so focused and meaningful. We went to three countries in one week and only saw the most sacred sites in those countries-which included Greece-my favorite place in the world. Besides the fantastic pace and quality of teaching on these tours, Michael and Co. seem to attract an incredible group of people as well.


Pinnacle Moment

Aside from the incredibly powerful experience of meeting John of God and participating in and observing the work of his healing center, the pinnacle moment of our trip to Brazil was the time we spent all together at the Temple of Good Will in Brasilia. Our joining together with spiritual focus and intent, walking the labyrinth, and toning created a beautiful spontaneous sacred ritual that, for me, is the most compelling reason to take a sacred sites tour at all. I felt profoundly connected with God, the purpose of our journey.


Moved by the Experience

I loved the Temple Of Good Will in Brazil and felt very moved by that experience of walking the dark spiral inward and the light spiral outward. Brazil felt so alive and at home to me. Being in the lush green environment was amazing, as well as, the various waterfalls. Being under the sacred waterfall at the Casa was cleansing in itself and the others seemed to add to that. I was in awe of the workings of the Casa of John of God, as well as, the dedicated volunteers and of course John of God himself. I became aware his strength and selfless service to others at all cost. Word’s cannot hardly express my gratitude for the healing I received and for the opportunity to be in his presence. The good news is that I was actually FEELING things going on in my body and still am to this day.



My visit to the healing center of John of God in Brazil was profound not in a physical way but in a spiritual way. I did not have any health issues that I was aware of but my concern and healing asked of John of God was a deeper faith in Spirit-I definitely received that. The healing center is an amazing manifestation of unconditional love. Spirit is working through human hands giving healing, love, and compassion and each person there seems so filled with Light. John of God, when he is in his channeling mode, is like being in the presence of the Christ. A wave of love comes over you. For me, I felt I left with a humble awakening to my own Christ within.


Deep Spiritual Experience

I set my intention to have a deeper spiritual experience than what I’ve known. What I received in Brazil is more than I have words to express. We started out awakening the god-self with a profound experience at The Temple of Goodwill walking the labyrinth. It heightened from there with each site. I have no words for what I experienced when we visited with John of God at his center. I am in awe and honor of his presence and the work being done. If nothing else was to get my attention certainly John and the Entities did. I can only say that this trip enabled me to see, be, feel, and know the essence of love. I saw purpose and intention of only love. Every moment of every day was a prayer.



There is no way that words could ever describe my/our experience. From our first site of the surreal effects of viewing Montezuma’s Castle to the valley of the ancients–one proved more spectacular than the last. Incredibly beautiful and diverse geography provided us with a spectacular backdrop to our spiritual journey all along the way. Our prayer ceremonies in the 1000+ year old Kivas of the Anasazi were the things that made the deepest impact on my soul. When we tuned into and meditated in these sacred spaces I entered a state of bliss from which I did not want to emerge.



What an amazing trip! The way we saw these sites affected me so deeply! To imagine and meditate how life was for the “Ancient Ones” made this whole trip amazing. I actually felt many times that we were invited to SEE into their lives. Also I felt what it must have been like to call upon the wind to bring forth the rain clouds like the natives must have done. Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was breathtaking and such a thrill for me. Hiking, the red rocks of Sedona, as well as the driving and fun interactions with all the attendees, also made this a wonderful and fun adventure for me!



From the Temple of Good Will to John of God to the many amazing sites in Alto Parisio– waterfalls, crystals, energy sites, our fabulous guides, and Michael’s lectures-everything in Brazil was in perfect order for such a loving and beautiful healing experience. I have many favorite moments, such as looking into John of God’s eyes and having my migraine instantly disappear, swimming in the Valley of the Moon, digging for crystals, and going through this amazing experience with loving, beautiful, and gracious friends. This tour continually reminded me of how wonderful it is to be a child of God and how blessed I was and am to share these experiences with my spiritual family.


Worthy of a Miracle

It was almost surreal to be in the presence of the likes of the masters that channel through John of God. I also realized that I am worthy of a miracle and to accept this fact was a feeling of completeness and profound relief. My favorite day in Brazil, however, was the day we spent digging for crystal treasures. This evoked such a feeling of adventure and discovery. Later that same day, while sitting in the shallow pools of an amazing waterfall, I felt at one with my surroundings and a total sense of childlike playfulness.


Special Vibration

I have no words to express how unbelievable this year’s Sacred Sites tour was. When you consider that we went to Rome (the birthplace of Christianity after Constantine), back to Greece (where gods and goddesses ruled) and finally to the cradle of civilization…Egypt. Each place had its very own special vibration as I could sense each past life I spent their. At the Vatican, I could feel how devoutly spiritual I was in my devotion to God. In Delphi, I remembered worshiping at the temples and had a very detailed vision while I was standing where the Oracles once stood. I have never felt such an intense vibration coursing through my body, so much so that I had enough energy to run a marathon. In Egypt I was simply blown away by the Muslim people and their love for their religious practices. When I stepped out of the pyramid at 9pm at night after meditating in the King’s Chamber…to a full moon and a city full of chanting as the people were doing their call to prayer, I started to sob from the awareness of how connected we all are to one another and to our desire to be connected to God and yet we often only see separation. Thank you to all of you who experienced this life transforming adventure with me. As well as to Michael for making it all happen and to Ron for his help each step of the way.


What an Amazing Trip!

Thank you so much, Michael!!! What an amazing trip! To awaken in Assisi on the first day was such a treat! And the trip just kept building from there! High-Lights: Florence—our meditations and toning in the churches. The statue of “David.” The fun and friendship walking together through the town…breakfast—warm croissants. Winery—beautiful! Rome—WOW this was a lot of root chakra for me, a hard and denser place. Walking through the forum and Coliseum stirred up old body issues for me and I found myself having tremors and sweats through the nights. Very healing like letting go. The churches here were just out of this world amazing! Greece—Great time of year…we had it almost all to ourselves…great ruins…and Delphi was Incredible…the meditations and visions with the Oracle…Very insightful and mind opening! Food was excellent! Egypt…WOW Starting in Luxor. The ruins and temples were in such amazing shape! Everything we saw just kept getting bigger and more magnificent until we got to the Pyramid itself in Cairo! An exciting Camel ride around the whole property to take in the size and proportion only to end in front of the Sphinx! Then private time for our group only in the great Pyramid!!! Going through each chamber the visions and experiences with the meditations were indescribable…only to end in the Kings Chamber toning and FRIG!!! I am still not over it…and probably will never be the same…My Head still feels open at the top and my feet are still not feeling the ground! Thanks for the great shopping Michael (how did you managed to squeeze this in?) Thanks to all of you! We made a great close group! I loved every one of you!


Amazing Opportunity

What an amazing opportunity to take one of Michael’s workshops on the road and experience life-altering lessons and healing in some of the most sacred places on the planet. The souls of my ancestors felt very close to me and offered me a sense of groundedness and peace. Then, when I was kneeling in a place of worship and asking for love and light to fill my heart, I became aware of those who came before me, which created quite a transcending experience.



I returned home a different person; changed from having profound experiences and deeply personal awakenings (plus a hell of a lot of fun!). I was transforming from the very first day we hiked to the top of Thunder Mountain. The group silently watched a distant storm dance off the night sky; it was incredibly beautiful and spiritual. The next day a special ceremony at Cathedral Rock opened our connection up to the air, the rocks, the fire, and the wind. Time and time again we gathered in quiet corners of ancient dwellings to pray, heal, and connect with the ancients of the land. It was magical indeed!


Life Changing Week

I truly feel my soul has shifted towards the light, but I know I can only find what I am truly willing to allow. I thank God for the people who organized the trip, who were part of making it run smoothly and for everyone who assisted in this life-changing week.


Beautiful Experience

The Sacred Sites Tour to the Southwest was a beautiful experience. I especially enjoyed connecting with the spirits of the earth, the elements, and the Ancient Ones. We prayed and chanted and communed with the trees, the water, animals, and the earth. Songs sprung from our hearts and we brought light to the ancient sites where others prayed, meditated, and vision quested in the past. It was an amazing experience to be in the kivas, canyons, and others sacred sites with a powerful spiritual intent.


Access the light

At the end of the trip I watched Michael play some slot machines for the first time in his life, watching him win continuously and understanding that this is really symbolic of GOD. Seek first the kingdom of GOD and all abundance will be supplied. I watched in awe as the slot machines kept shorting out as he played them. Understanding why that was happening because light will pierce the darkness when you open up to that CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Now I know we can all access that light AND bring it anywhere.



It is difficult to describe the experiences I had on this trip. Not only did I meet some amazing people and see some of the world’s most magnificent ancient sites, I experienced healing, love and levels of Christ consciousness that has changed my life forever. I am grateful to God for calling me to make this journey and humbled by the gifts that were given to me through the toning and meditation sessions. I have deep gratitude to God, Grail Productions, Michael Mirdad and all of the staff that helped to make this all possible.



The potent combination of three major cultures, dozens of sites, lectures, discussion, meditation, and ceremonies made for unmatched, impactful two week trip for students and seekers. From sanctuaries in remote corners of Greece, to great works of the Renaissance in the heart of the Vatican, to ancient Egyptian temples and the depths of the Great Pyramid, the internal experiences were as powerful as the excursions. Michael Mirdad is a master teacher in his ability to deliver a complete experience—bringing insightful, historical, and mystical knowledge together with experts, escorts, and safe environments in which all students can learn. My only wish is that it could have lasted longer. Many, many thanks to Michael and his staff envisioning, organizing, and delivering such an amazing, transformative adventure.


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“I found this book during a hard time in my life, when everything seemed to fall apart and just as the title implies, I thought I was going to go crazy! One thing after another, without any rhyme or reason, and I just couldn’t understand! This book greatly helped me through this time, giving me