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Excerpt from Sunday's Sacred Service - Wisdom of Christ IV (8/30/15)

"Moment to moment, remember to practice the Presence of God. Although you are planning and doing things in the world, it is only to please the Lord. Test yourself, even when you are working and whisper within, "Where are You, Lord?" and the whole world changes. There is nothing but a great Light. Such is the joy of existence in God." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Now available for viewing through The New Alexandria Video Library - ow.ly/Xn63I

Topics covered:
* Jesus' definition of love
* The world will test us
* Jesus' dark night of the soul
* Symbolism of the crucifixion ... See MoreSee Less

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Praise for Michael

Amazing Opportunity

What an amazing opportunity to take one of Michael’s workshops on the road and experience life-altering lessons and healing in some of the most sacred places on the planet. The souls of my ancestors felt very close to me and offered me a sense of groundedness and peace. Then, when I was kneeling in a


Whole-heartedly Recommend

“Since I wrote Sexual Energy Ecstasy in the 1980′s, I had not seen another book that I felt I could whole-heartedly recommend. Now I have. It is the voice of tantric experience, compassion, love, wisdom, and kindness. The profound mistake being made by most Western tantra teachers today is in teaching sex as an end