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Christ-stained-glass“WHEN WE GIVE, WE ALSO RECEIVE”–A Universal Law It is one of our primary goals to bring Christ Consciousness back into human awareness, as well as to assist as many souls as possible to awaken their own Inner Christ. Your donations are really expressions of love that feed the work we do at Grail Productions, which means that your love nurtures our work and allows it to grow. It also helps us to preserve the low prices for all our workshops and Private Sessions.Donation options: To pay with a credit card, or through paypal, click one of the links below. Choose either a non tax-deductible, or monthly donation.

If you would like a tax deduction please send us a check written out to: The Foundation for Christ Consciousness.

Please send all mail to:
Grail Productions
PO Box 1908
Sedona, AZ 86339 images

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Praise for Michael


Aloha Michael! Thank you for the work you do and for the love and light you give. Your teachings have been so profound for me. The goddess within me has been illuminated by the information in your books and the countless things you taught me while you were here in Honolulu. I loved the stories […]


Inspiring Transparency

Michael, your stories are often consistent with my own internal insights and I find myself nodding and smiling as I read along. Your discussion about transparency in this message prompted me to start sharing my own transparency.